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Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine

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Hand crank table-top machine, for king size and 100 mm tubes. The Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine has recently been redesigned with the latest make-your-own technology and is viewed by experts as the best cigarette making machine. This is a great buy with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty serviced exclusively by Arbro Inc.
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For both King and 100 mm tubes. The new metal Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine has recently been redesigned with the latest make-your-own technology and is viewed by experts as one of the best cigarette making machines ever made. New features include a rubber anti-scuff pad for better table grip and an adjustment to make 100 mm cigarettes. Own a Premier Supermatic cigarette machine and you've got the best machine available. This is a great buy with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty serviced exclusively by Arbro Inc. Comes with warranty card and instructions. Please fill out warranty card and mail in upon receiving machine.

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More Info

Manufacturer Commonwealth Brands, Inc.
Brand No
Size No
Material Metal
Power Source Manual
Warranty 1 year


not goodReview by Daniel
Machine does not work right out of the box! It rips the tubes at the holder.After I tried to adjust it I got it to work most of the time on 100's and king.It still rips some. I wish I'd have bought another topomatic its worked perfectly for 3 months. (Posted on 7/28/2013)
First Time UserReview by Mark
I have only had this for a few weeks, buying it in the bundle deal. This is a great tool and easy to use once you get a feel for how to work with it. I am able to roll up a pack of smokes in a half hour.

The biggest problem for a new user will be getting an ideal pinch of tobacco in the hopper. Follow the easy to use instructions, fill the corners, and make sure you have an even amount of tobacco distributed with a light touch to slightly pack the hopper. There is a bit of tobacco hanging out the end which I use a scissors to snip off and a couple of tamps on the butt packs the tube. If I bummed a smoke from someone and they handed me one of these, I couldn't tell the difference between one made from this machine or store bought.

I took one star off for the quality because the length adjustment was out of alignment when I received the unit. The adjustment cam pin was jammed outside of the three position holes. It was easy enough for me to fix. Not sure if it somehow was jostled in transit.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a simple solution to MYO. (Posted on 7/29/2012)
Great Roller!Review by Debra
I’ve had the same on for over 4 years now. Never had a problem except for the bolts coming loose and the spring breaking a few times. Found other springs laying around the garage that worked just fine for it. I have worn it out and am ordering a new one today.

(Posted on 7/8/2012)
For you first timersReview by Jeff
I've been doing this less than a year, and the Supermatic is my first and only machine; that said, I think I can offer a few words of advice.

First, this is a well built machine, almost all metal excepting the blades, which are plastic but so far seem quite durable. My only complaints are on delivery the brass nuts on top were not tightly secured, and a spring that failed after approx six months. Given the cost differential between ryo and buying retail, it was cheaper to pay the $1.75 for the spring, plus $9 bucks shipping than to bother with the warranty-- the machine still worked, it just wasn't as smooth.

Second, whatever machine you get, before rolling your first smoke, take a minute to glance at the innards and observe how they look and work. You WILL inevitably jam the machine and knowing how it's supposed to look will save you time figuring out how to unjam it.

To amplify, only experience will teach you how much is too much force, and how to load the hopper for each tobacco cut and it's moistness. Also, have a care to apply only a lateral force when cranking. Even with metal innards, over time jamming and downward force on the crank will subtlely distort the parts.

Bottom line for this product is due to my abuse the machine is prematurely aged, and unless I opt for an electric, I will probably buy another Supermatic.

Hope this helps

(Posted on 6/29/2012)

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