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JOB Gold Ceramic Ashtray

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When it comes to ashtrays, some are just built for one purpose, function.  Every once in a while you come across one that is more.  This Ceramic ashtray by JOB is not just a functional accessory to keep laying around anywhere.  This ceramic ashtray features gold lettering and edges trimmed in gold for a look that is sure to have you keeping this ashtray on your coffee table or kitchen table where everyone can see it.  Each ashtray is 6.25" by 4.75" by 1" in size and features a pattern on the bottom in gold leaf.


When it comes to ashtrays, one's just as good as another right?  It doesn't matter if the ashtray is made from quality ceramic.  You wouldn't care that every edge is trimmed in gold leaf.  The lettering and pattern on the bottom being made from the gold leaf as well just don't mean a thing to you, right?  Once you get this Job Gold Ceramic Ashtray into your hands, you will know for sure that there is more to ashtrays than just function.  You may find yourself even wishing you ordered 2 of them so you could keep one clean and sparkling on your coffee table.  The 6.25" by 4.75" by 1" size makes it easy and convenient and unobtrusive to keep just about anywhere.

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Brand JOB
Manufacturer Republic Brands
Color White
Material Ceramic
Type Accessories
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