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  • How to brew the perfect cup of coffee

    Smoker's Companion CoffeeCoffee quality depends on a combination of factors. Fresh beans and high quality beans are obviously desirable, but the highest quality beans are all but useless if stale. Clean good-tasting water must be used, and the coffee must be brewed with clean equipment at the proper temperature for the proper amount of time.

    For coffee brewing, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) prescribes a water temperature of 195 - 205 degrees F. Avoid boiling then cooling the water to the proper range, or at least letting it boil for more than a few moments; boiling hot water rapidly loses dissolved air and will taste flat. If the water is too cool, the brew will be sour and underextracted. The temperature range during brewing should not vary by more then a few degrees, or extraction will not be optimal. Temperature loss often occurs as a result of heat absorption by the equipment itself (for example, if an espresso machine's portafilter is not kept warm between shots by storage in the machine) or into the atmosphere (as in a uninsulated glass French press during the approximately four minute steeping period). Pre-warming the equipment or insulating it, respectively, will solve these problems.

    Water quality
    Coffee is 98.5 to 99 percent water, so water quality will critically affect the resultant brew's taste. When making coffee, you should only use water that tastes good enough to drink straight. As a result, the best cups of coffee are made with filtered tap water or bottled water. Carafes or sink-based filters will likely perform better and have a lower per-gallon cost than the modest charcoal filters that some manufacturers include with their auto-drip machines. Do not mistake distilled water for filtered: the former is missing minerals that contribute to the water's taste and aid in extraction. The water should be fresh; it it has been sitting too long (or has been heated then cooled), it will be missing the dissolved air that is an important component of the water's taste.The water should also start cold: hot water has lost some of its dissolved air, and may have picked up minerals or solubles from your pipes.

    How much ground coffee should I use?
    A standard "cup" of coffee uses six ounces of water. The SCAA's standard measure of ground coffee for this quantity of water is two tablespoons.

    For those who find that the two tablespoon/6 ounce ratio produced too strong a cup, simply reduce the quantity of coffee used until the desired strength is reached.

    Recommendations to grind more finely and thereby use less coffee are simply wrong. Grind fineness is related to steeping time; using less but finer coffee will make the resultant product bitter; using less coffee under these circumstances will make a weak, bitter cup.

    How do I keep coffee hot?
    Optimally, brew a fresh batch whenever you want coffee. To keep coffee hot for shorter periods of time, or for travel, use a thermally insulated container; an enclosed container will reduce the loss of the aromatics that constitute an essential part of the overall flavor. Insulated containers with glass internals, though somewhat delicate, have the least effect upon the coffee taste, followed by good quality stainless steel. Coffee with significant residual sediment, such as coffee brewed in a French press, fares less well when kept hot for extended periods; the sediment continues to extract, making the coffee bitter.

    Optimal flavor is obtained by holding the coffee at high temperatures, at least 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Direct heat—e.g., via a warming plate—should not be applied to brewed coffee, at least not for more than few minutes; continued heating will make the coffee bitter. This issue is primarily a concern for autodrip coffee makers; choose a model that dispenses into an insulated carafe over one that uses a warming plate.

    Reheating coffee in the microwave is controversial; the key issue may be the uneven heating microwaves are known for. There are those who theorize that parts of the coffee that overheat may taste unpleasant, thereby spoiling the cup as a whole.

    Coffee cups
    In theory, the best containers are simply those that keep the coffee hot and do not add flavors of their own. Heavy, pre-warmed ceramic cups probably serve those criteria best.

    Author: Scott Rothstein

    Read the full article here

  • Pipe Tobacco Cigars

    Black and Mild Pipe Tobacco CigarsWhen it comes to selecting cigars there are many choices.  Some prefer the strong flavor of traditional cigars and some people prefer the taste of pipe tobacco over the tobacco generally used in cigars.  Personally, I think pipe tobacco cigars are much milder.  I also prefer smaller cigars (cigarillos) because I don't always have time for a large cigar.

    At Smoker's Outlet Online we offer a good variety of Pipe Tobacco Cigars.  Our most popular brand is Black & Mild.  Other popular choices are Middleton's Cherry Blend, Prince Albert, and Swisher Sweets BLK Pipe Tobacco Cigars.

    These cigars also come in a variety of quantities (25, 30, 50, or 60ct) and flavors such as cherry, vanilla, cherry vanilla, wine, apple, and cream.  Some have plastic tips and some have wood tips.

    Whatever your preference, we have a large selection of affordable cigars.

  • How to keep your pipe tobacco fresh

    You have done the research.  Perhaps you have tried several brands and now you have selected in your favorite tobacco.  You're smart and want to save money so you buy it in the one pound bags.

    Pipe Tobacco StorageEven though it came in a resealable bag you want to maximize the freshness or store your pipe tobacco in a smaller, more convenient container.  Not only does Smoker's Outlet Online have lots of choices when it comes to tobacco storage but we also have inexpensive products to keep your tobacco at your desired humidity level.  These are called "hydration products" because they keep your tobacco moist.

    So, maximize your enjoyment of your tobacco by keeping it fresh and moist!


    Our Evak glass storage containers (picture above) can be used to keep food fresh as well and will look great in your kitchen.

  • Criss-Cross Pipe Tobacco

    Criss-Cross Pipe TobaccoA satisfying smoking experience, CRISS-CROSS® Pipe Tobaccos are skillfully blended to provide the adult smoker with a quality product at an affordable price.

    After trying CRISS-CROSS®, you’ll be proud to tell your friends "Put This In Your Pipe And Smoke It!"


    Made in the United States

    Available in Smooth, Regular, and Menthol.

    Comes in 1lb and 6oz bags.


    What are customer's saying about Criss-Cross Pipe Tobacco?


  • What is the best cigarette rolling machine?


    Powermatic II cigarette rolling machines

    When it comes to cigarette rolling machines Smoker's Outlet Online has you covered.  We offer a big selection of electric and mechanical machines and injectors.  Some are expensive and some are very affordable.  Some only make king size cigarettes and some make both king size and 100mm.

    We have created this handy chart below to help you narrow down your selection.  As always, you might want to read user reviews.  Don't want to wade through the reviews and ratings?  Then go with the Powermatic II.  It costs more than some other machines but it is our best selling machine and our customers love it

    For the complete list of rolling machines click here.  For the list of injectors click here.

    Cigarette Rolling Machine Guide










     Ease of Use 





     User Rating


    Powermatic II  $89.98 Y Y HIGH HIGH E 5
    Poweroll  $87.93 Y N HIGH MEDIUM E 4
    Poweroll II $97.55 Y Y HIGH MEDIUM E 3.5
    Zen Supershooter  $66.00 Y Y MEDIUM MEDIUM E 2.5
    Powermatic I Plus $52.86 Y Y HIGH HIGH M 4
    Topomatic  $43.19 Y Y HIGH HIGH  M 4.5
    Topomatic T2  $49.99 Y Y HIGH  HIGH  M
    Premier Supermatic  $42.77 Y Y MEDIUM MEDIUM M 3
    Premier Supermatic II  $37.49 Y N MEDIUM  MEDIUM M 4
    Excel Platinum  $28.99  Y N MEDIUM  MEDIUM M 5
    Mikromatic  $43.19 Y N HIGH   HIGH M 5




  • Why choose Hot Rod Tubes?

    High Quality ingredients

    Hot Rod Cigarette TubesHot Rod Tubes are made with the same quality and pride that one puts into restoring & creating a show winning Hot Rod? Every “Hot Rodder” knows that the job is not done until the job is done right. The real payoff comes when you fire one up. Rediscover that same feel good sensation that only a Hot Rod can offer. Hot Rod Tubes have 20 mm filters that provide a smooth smokin’ taste, and uses less tobacco. So choose a winner, HOT ROD TUBES! All tubes come in a 200 count boxes with 20 mm filters and brown filter tips. They are available in Regular, Smooth (brown filter tip), Extra Smooth, Menthol, and Super Menthol. Printed in America, Made in America and sold at an affordable price!

    The Filter

    Hot Rod cig tube filterThe filter element is the most expensive component in manufacturing tubes. Companies use shorter filters because it is a less expensive way to make their product.  The longer filter produces a smoother smoking experience and requires less tobacco.  Hot Rod uses a 20mm filter, the same length that is used in manufactured cigarettes.  This adds to the cost but also provides a better smoking experience.

    Check out our extension line of Hot Rod tubes

  • Save money on shipping with SurePost

    How would you like to save up to 37% on shipping costs?*  Well, you can if you choose SurePost instead of UPS Ground!

    SurePost Fast Facts

    - Only for packages 1-9 pounds.  The shipping weight of a 1 lb bag of tobacco is more than 1 lb because of packing material and the box. Also, UPS (and USPS) round up.  For example, 2.1 pounds of products would actually be considered by UPS and USPS as weighing 3 pounds.  These are the rules of the carriers, not ours!

    - 1-2 days slower than UPS Ground

    - Only for customers in the continental USA (lower 48 states)

    What is SurePost?

    UPS picks up the package from our warehouse and delivers it to the US Post Office closest to your home. Then, your local letter carrier will deliver it you.  Easy and cheap but a little slower.

    Want to know the least expensive way to get your order or the fastest?

    Just add you items to your shopping cart and click on View Cart/Shipping to get shipping estimates based on where you live.


    *3 pounds of tobacco and 6 boxes of tubes shipped to:
    New York city - savings 37% by using SurePost instead of Ground
    Dallas, TX - savings is 26%
    Beverly Hills, CA savings is 25%.

  • How to get notified when a product changes price

    If you have been a Smoker's Outlet Online customer for a while you know that we regularly put products on sale.  We usually, but not always, send out a notice in our newsletter when a major product is on sale.  (This is a good reason to subscribe!).  However, sometimes we have unannounced sales that we don't advertise.

    Wouldn't be great if you could be emailed when the price of a particular product changes price?  Well, now you can!  Just navigate to your favorite product and click on "Sign up for price alert" and you will automatically get an email when the price goes down or up.  Just remember you need to do this for each product you want to be notified.  This is a good thing because you don't want to be notified about price changes for products you are not interested.

    If you like this post please share it with your friends. :)

  • What are Green Leaf Cigars?

    Green Leaf CigarsThe tobacco in Green Leaf Cigars, a.k.a. Candela Cigars, is baked instead of fermented, which retains the natural green of the leaf.

    For about 3 days, the tobacco leaf is hung in a barn and is cooked with high-temperature fires on the ground. This cooks out the same compounds that normal fermentation does, except it leaves behind the chlorophyll, where the cigar gets its green color. The fast process allows manufacturers to supply the masses more efficiently.

  • How to get notified when a product is back in stock

    Smoker's Outlet Online has over 1500 products and we do our best to keep them always in stock but sometimes that just isn't possible due to circumstances beyond our control.

    However, we have come up with a way for you to be notified by email when the product is back in stock.  If a product is out of stock you will see "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock".  Simply click on this line and enter your email address.   When the product is back in stock you will get an email letting you
    know you can order the product.  See example email below.

    Please note that you will need to subscribe to each product that you want to be notified when it is back in stock.  This is on purpose.  You obviously don't want to be notified about the stock status for products you are not interested in!

    We hope you enjoyed this article.  Feel free to email us about topics you would like us to write about.

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