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  • What are Green Leaf Cigars?

    Green Leaf CigarsThe tobacco in Green Leaf Cigars, a.k.a. Candela Cigars, is baked instead of fermented, which retains the natural green of the leaf.

    For about 3 days, the tobacco leaf is hung in a barn and is cooked with high-temperature fires on the ground. This cooks out the same compounds that normal fermentation does, except it leaves behind the chlorophyll, where the cigar gets its green color. The fast process allows manufacturers to supply the masses more efficiently.

  • How to get notified when a product is back in stock

    Smoker's Outlet Online has over 1500 products and we do our best to keep them always in stock but sometimes that just isn't possible due to circumstances beyond our control.

    However, we have come up with a way for you to be notified by email when the product is back in stock.  If a product is out of stock you will see "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock".  Simply click on this line and enter your email address.   When the product is back in stock you will get an email letting you
    know you can order the product.  See example email below.

    Please note that you will need to subscribe to each product that you want to be notified when it is back in stock.  This is on purpose.  You obviously don't want to be notified about the stock status for products you are not interested in!

    We hope you enjoyed this article.  Feel free to email us about topics you would like us to write about.

  • How To Smoke Filtered Cigars

    Filtered cigars offer a smooth taste while protecting lips from particulates and discoloration from the smoke. They still provide a quality smoke similar to premium cigarCriss-Cross Filtered Cigarss.  Here’s how you smoke them:

    ● Clip the tip of the cigar with a cigar clipper.
    ● To prime the tobacco, keep the tip of the cigar just above your flame. Spin it around for an even burn.
    ● When you see an orange glow, it’s time to puff. Put the cigar in your mouth and “suck” in the smoke like you’re drinking through a straw. Fill up your mouth with smoke and blow it out. Do this 4 or 5 times until you see white smoke.
    ● Keep it lit and smoking by taking a drag or “sip” every minute. Hold it for a couple seconds then exhale gently and experience the rich flavors left behind in your mouth. **Some people prefer to inhale filtered cigars, however, this is optional.

  • Smokin' G

    The Birth of a True Family of Tobacco Products

    Created for Smokers by Smokers!

    smokin' g pipe tobaccoThe quality tobacco and unique blends that became the Smokin' G family of smoking products were crafted to satisfy picky smokers because there was a need for great value coupled with quality flavor profiles for what we have termed the "unsatisfied smoker" market. We discovered that you are tired of settling for a less-than-perfect smoking experience. How did we do it? Each unique flavor profile was painstakingly hand-blended and smoker-tested for years at our own retail stores until they were "just right".

    We considered everything, from the first Turkish blends (we've had several brands try to replicate that great idea... but we believe ours is still the best you'll find) to the highest quality PET packaging weight and double-sealed bags for optimum freshness. We even designed your bags to include a transparent "window" so you could actually SEE the quality of your rag cut.

    With the exception of the Turkish Tobacco leaf included in your Turkish Blends which is imported, your Smokin' G tobacco is grown by hard working American farmers - many are small, hard working family-owned farms. ALL Smokin' G products are blended, and manufactured right here in America, providing local jobs in several states. We are pretty darn proud of that!

    The family of commercially available 8oz Smokin' G Blends was launched in 2009. Thanks to our Loyal Customers and the BUZZ they create around Smokin' G, local retail availability has jumped to include nearly three quarters of the states in the USA.

    From our Family to yours, Welcome to the Smokin' G Family!

    All our Best,

    Lisa & Donnie

  • About RSB Tobacco


    RSB Tobacco Co. was started in Farmville, NC in 2006 by the Bowen family, a family with ties to over a century of tobacco heritage.  The Bowens have been involved in every aspect of the tobacco industry from growing some of the world’s finest flue-cured tobacco to selling, warehousing, shipping and processing of all tobacco types.


    The goal of RSB Tobacco, Inc. is to create a tradition of providing high quality tobacco products at a fair & reasonable price to distributors and consumers as well as provide the industry’s best customer service and support while forming lasting, mutually satisfying relationships with our vendors, employees, customers and consumers.

    The Good Stuff Difference

    RSB Tobacco Inc. produces the cleanest and most palatable pipe tobacco blends available in today’s market.  With the screening process prior to the “by hand” packaging, we assure that our products will have less shake, stems & debris than competing brands.  We use expensive premium tobaccos in our blends, yet by keeping production, packaging and shipping costs low we are able to offer our products at a reasonable price. We will never be the cheapest but we are the best!

    This material is from the RSB Tobacco website and is used with permission.

  • What can I do to re-humidify my tobacco?

    During tobacco rag processing, raw tobacco is sent through re-dryers, which pull out all of the moisture. Later in the manufacturing process, the desired amount of moisture is added back to the tobacco. What does this mean to you?

    The Good Stuff™ Tobaccos are packaged based on net weight. One cubic foot of water weighs 62.37 pounds. It is to your advantage to buy dryer tobacco because you are getting more for your money. If you receive a bag that is not to your preferred humidity level, there are several remedies which are readily available in tobacco chat rooms and/or blogs (short for web logs).

    We suggest that you use a mist/spray bottle filled with water, preferably distilled, and lightly spray the tobacco once inside the pouch. Seal the pouch back and let it sit for approximately one hour. You should notice the difference in the feel and taste of your next smoke. You may repeat this process to get the tobacco up to the humidity level of your preference. Be careful not to apply too much moisture as this may lead to a host of other problems. However, in the event that it becomes too moist, simply spread the loose tobacco across a paper towel and allow to air dry. Then, if needed, you may restart the re-humidification process.

    This article appears courtesy of RSB Tobacco, the makers of Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco.

  • Pipe Care

    Get more pleasure from your pipe. Follow these few simple guidelines.

    Tobacco should be packed firmly, but not too tightly, because it will be hard to draw and keep alight, not too loosely as the pipe will then smoke hot.  When smoking a new pipe for the first time fill it not more than three-quarters full, subsequently increasing the amount of tobacco in gradual stages.

    For your own enjoyment, smoke slowly.  The tobacco of your choice will taste better and give you greater smoking pleasure if you follow this rule.

    Light your pipe carefully, applying the flame over the entire surface of the tobacco.  Tamp the tobacco down, relight and tamp again.

    After a while, a carbon deposit or "cake" will build up inside the bowl.  Do not allow this to exceed 1/16" in thickness or it may crack the bowl.

    To remove or replace the mouthpiece, wrap you palm around it and detach it with a gentle twisting action.  Never remove the mouthpiece from a hot pipe.

    Clean you pipe frequently for a sweet smoke.  A little spirit on a cotton cleaner will remove obstinate tar from the smoke channel.  Never use water or steam to clean a pipe.  When not in use your pipe should be kept in a rack with the bowl down to permit moisture to evaporate.

  • On-The-Go Cigar Aficionado Essentials

    If you live the life of a cigar connoisseur, you need equipment that’s going to make your collection shine. For those with eclectic taste, you need the right amount of storage to hold a vast number of cigars in a moistureless environment. However, there’s a luxury to storing when you're on-the-go and sharing that fine selection with the world. The accessories you buy should reflect your sense of style, sophistication, and functionality. Here are a few essentials to meet your cigar smoking and storage needs.

    Xikar X-treme Cigar Travel Humidor

    Xikar X-treme Cigar Travel HumidorDo you have a collection you want to share with a large group? The Xikar X-treme is the perfect travel sized humidor for you. This case is capable of carrying five cigars at a time while keeping them fresh and in pristine condition. Each cigar is fastened squarely into individual pockets inside a foam chamber keeping them safe, secure and locked in place. Instantly turn into the life of the party with this portable humidor.

    The Xikar X-treme 5 Cigar Travel Humidor is the the perfect travel accessory for any cigar aficionado.  The case features a built in humidification device to be sure that up to 5 of your cigars stay perfectly fresh.

    Bonded Leather 2-Cigar Case

    Bonded Leather 2-Cigar Case - Brown

    For a quick fix for an active lifestyle, choose the classic Bonded Leather 2-Cigar Case. This case comes in brown or black, and holds two 6-inch or fewer cigars at one time. The case pulls apart into two pieces and secures by overlapping on itself. This locks out moisture, keeping the cigars fresh for an extended period of time when you’re out and about.

    4.5 Inch Metal & Faux Leather Cigar Ashtray

    4.5 Inch Metal & Faux Leather Cigar AshtrayDon’t let ash give you trouble with the 4.5 Inch Metal & Faux Leather Cigar Ashtray. The ashtray comes with a lift to hold your cigars while lit. You can also store them for later use. The metal tray is designed in a trap door style for dumping ash you produce below the tray directly into the container below. The tray is easily removable, so drop you extra ashes here until you’re ready to clean the inner container. Between the convenience it provides and the sophisticated design, this ashtray is a must-have for any cigar enthusiast.

    For more cigar smoking goods check out Smoker’s Outlet Online’s inventory for all your needs on a busy lifestyle.

  • Great Rolling Papers

    Roll One, Smoke One

    If you roll your own smokes, chances are you’re the kind of person that enjoys convenience with taste. Nothing ready-made satisfies in the same way as rolling your own. If the best of the best is what you’re looking for, then finding the right rolling paper is your number one goal. Rolling paper affects the flavoring, intensity, and duration of your smoke. It’s important to understand what you’re getting to make the best decision. Here’s a list of top shelf rolling papers for the have-it-your-way smoker you must have.

    Rizla Smoking paper-Single Wide

    Rizla Rolling Paper - Single WideRizla is the king of all rolling papers. Light, flavorless, and long-lasting, you’ll be enjoying the smooth flavor of tobacco even during the most trying of elements. Whether you’re looking to stay in, kick back and relax, or you’re out on the town, these rolls are good for every and any occasion. With the right tobacco, you’ll be smoking on cloud nine.

    Zig Zag Rolling paper-Orange Slow Burn

    Ready for a chill night? You better be when you roll up this paper. These slow burners are a staple when it comes to ROY cigs. Each box has 32 orange colored rolls that burn with intensity. Its flavoring is light, but nothing to stress about because the reward of smoking over a long period is luxury enough. Truly a classic ROY cig.

    Bugler Rolling paper

    Bugler Rolling PaperIf you’re looking for a change of pace, you’re smoking the right stuff with Bugler’s rolling paper. Turkish and blended, these papers produce a distinct flavor that complements tobacco perfectly. The burn is intense and fast for a quick smoke on-the-go. If you live an active lifestyle, roll up a few of these and take them with you anywhere for a quick fix in between the madness. Each pack comes with 115 leaves and with 24 sheets per box. Enjoy at your own speed!

    For more distinct rolling paper options to choose from, Smoker’s Outlet Online has you covered. For more information, ask our smoking experts. If you roll with us, you won’t be disappointed!

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