Filtered cigars offer a smooth taste while protecting lips from particulates and discoloration from the smoke. They still provide a quality smoke similar to premium cigarCriss-Cross Filtered Cigarss.  Here’s how you smoke them:

● Clip the tip of the cigar with a cigar clipper.
● To prime the tobacco, keep the tip of the cigar just above your flame. Spin it around for an even burn.
● When you see an orange glow, it’s time to puff. Put the cigar in your mouth and “suck” in the smoke like you’re drinking through a straw. Fill up your mouth with smoke and blow it out. Do this 4 or 5 times until you see white smoke.
● Keep it lit and smoking by taking a drag or “sip” every minute. Hold it for a couple seconds then exhale gently and experience the rich flavors left behind in your mouth. **Some people prefer to inhale filtered cigars, however, this is optional.