High Quality ingredients

Hot Rod Cigarette TubesHot Rod Tubes are made with the same quality and pride that one puts into restoring & creating a show winning Hot Rod? Every “Hot Rodder” knows that the job is not done until the job is done right. The real payoff comes when you fire one up. Rediscover that same feel good sensation that only a Hot Rod can offer. Hot Rod Tubes have 20 mm filters that provide a smooth smokin’ taste, and uses less tobacco. So choose a winner, HOT ROD TUBES! All tubes come in a 200 count boxes with 20 mm filters and brown filter tips. They are available in Regular, Smooth (brown filter tip), Extra Smooth, Menthol, and Super Menthol. Printed in America, Made in America and sold at an affordable price!

The Filter

Hot Rod cig tube filterThe filter element is the most expensive component in manufacturing tubes. Companies use shorter filters because it is a less expensive way to make their product.  The longer filter produces a smoother smoking experience and requires less tobacco.  Hot Rod uses a 20mm filter, the same length that is used in manufactured cigarettes.  This adds to the cost but also provides a better smoking experience.

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