Powermatic II cigarette rolling machines

When it comes to cigarette rolling machines Smoker's Outlet Online has you covered.  We offer a big selection of electric and mechanical machines and injectors.  Some are expensive and some are very affordable.  Some only make king size cigarettes and some make both king size and 100mm.

We have created this handy chart below to help you narrow down your selection.  As always, you might want to read user reviews.  Don't want to wade through the reviews and ratings?  Then go with the Powermatic II.  It costs more than some other machines but it is our best selling machine and our customers love it

For the complete list of rolling machines click here.  For the list of injectors click here.

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 User Rating


Powermatic II  $89.98 Y Y HIGH HIGH E 5
Poweroll  $87.93 Y N HIGH MEDIUM E 4
Poweroll II $97.55 Y Y HIGH MEDIUM E 3.5
Zen Supershooter  $66.00 Y Y MEDIUM MEDIUM E 2.5
Powermatic I Plus $52.86 Y Y HIGH HIGH M 4
Topomatic  $43.19 Y Y HIGH HIGH  M 4.5
Topomatic T2  $49.99 Y Y HIGH  HIGH  M
Premier Supermatic  $42.77 Y Y MEDIUM MEDIUM M 3
Premier Supermatic II  $37.49 Y N MEDIUM  MEDIUM M 4
Excel Platinum  $28.99  Y N MEDIUM  MEDIUM M 5
Mikromatic  $43.19 Y N HIGH   HIGH M 5


Source:  https://www.smokersoutletonline.com/supplies/machines-and-injectors/machines.html