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Blu Disposable E-cigarette - Classic Tobacco

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Blu Disposable E-cigarette

Classic Tobacco

For those who enjoy the taste and feel of a rich, full-flavored tobacco cigarette, Classic has you covered. It's been said you can't improve on a classic, but with blu disposables, you’ll enjoy even more of that familiar Classic flavor with every puff. Each disposable is equal to 400 puffs or approximately 1 and half packs of cigarettes.

Please note that some customers have stated a difference in taste from the previous version of the Blu Disposable. We cannot guarantee the availability of the previous version of the Blu disposables in any flavor.

  • Great Travel Partner
  • Equals over a pack and a half
  • No Ash, No odor
  • 2 Great U.S.A. Made Flavors
  • No Assembly, No Recharge
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Blu Disposable E-cigarette

With no assembly and nothing to recharge, blu Disposables are the ideal choice for first time electronic cigarette users. Equivalent to a pack-and-a-half of traditional cigarettes, this disposable electronic cigarette is compact, highly portable and ready to use right out of the package making it an excellent travel partner.

  • Signature Glowing Blue Tip

    Blu LED lights up with each puff.

  • One-piece Construction

    Equal to approximately a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes, our disposable electronic cigarette combines the battery, atomizer and cartridge into one single piece construction.

  • Activation Tab

    Use straight out of the box, with no assembly required. Just pull activation tab and your disposable electronic cigarette is ready for action!

  • Silicone Tip

    Designed with a single hole for maximized draw and resistance, the silicone tip creates a traditional cigarette feel. Mouth piece of the disposable electronic cigarette is engineered to prevent leakage.

  • Nicotine Amounts:

    Classic Tobacco: Approximately 2.4% Nicotine       Magnificent Menthol: Approximately 17-24mg

More Info

Manufacturer Blue E-cigs
Brand Blu
Flavor Classic Tobacco
Strength 24mg (2.4%)


more moneyReview by Rob
feel like I'm paying for their tv ads (Posted on 3/11/2015)
I've tried about ten differenct brands of disposables and these taste the most like a cigarette does. Every other kind tastes crappy and I think it's because they use anti freeze and Blu doesn't. I have also found out electronic cigarettes don't last as long as advertised and a lot of them don't work. To be comfortable, you need about two per day, and I've never bought a Blu that didn't work. Only drawback is they are just too dam expensive, they should be about a buck or two each. (Posted on 12/31/2013)

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