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Blu Flavor Cartridges - Black

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Blu Flavor Cartridges

The Choice is yours!

Find your favorite flavor from Blu!

Note:  Not for use with Blu Plus Products such as the Blu Plus Rechargeable Kit and Blu Plus Xpress Kit.  The Manufacturer is discontinuing this products model and the new Blu Plus Products are not compatible with them.  While we will continue to carry these cartridges as long as possible, we would suggest checking out the new Blu Plus products which offer larger capacity tanks and better vapor than this model.

  • Flavors Made In Wisconsin
  • Superior Quality And Flavor
  • Juice Made Specifically For Blu by Johnson Creek
  • Each Pack Contains Five Flavor Cartridges, 13 to 16mg In Strength Unless Otherwise Noted
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Blu Flavor Cartridges

  • E Cigarette Flavor Cartridge

    Specially designed to produce maximum flavor and taste, Blu electronic cigarette cartridges are tailor-made in the USA by Johnson Creek Smoke Juice.

  • Atomizer

    The atomizer is built into the e-cig cartridge - meaning a new atomizer and maximum vapor with every e-cig cartridge you use!

  • Silicone Tip

    Single hole intake creates maximized draw and resistance for real cigarette feel, while the silicone tip prevents leakage.

  • One Cartridge Equals One pack of Cigarettes
  • Fits all Original and Premium Batteries
  • Same Size as Traditional Cigarette when Combined with Battery
  • Each Pack Contains Five Flavor Cartridges, 13 to 16mg In Strength Unless Otherwise Noted



so-soReview by Julie
My first starter kit lasted about 5 months. Both battery cartridges would not hold a charge, then after about 2 weeks wouldn't charge at all.
I am on the second starter kit. One of the new cartridges did not have the grooves in it to screw a tip on, so had to be returned.

As far as the tips...these are VERY inconsistent. They last approximately 2 days. About 1/3 of them only last for 2 or 3 puffs, some burn your lungs on the first drag and must be thrown away. As expensive as they are, I would expect them to last longer.

The quality of this product is extremely inconsistent, BUT: if you happen to get lucky enough to get a good tip (I use menthol - which doesn't taste like menthol) and a cartridge that will hold a charge, it is very enjoyable for a few hours. (Posted on 3/20/2015)
blu reviewReview by Art
I've been a customer of blu for a few years. I have to say, the initial quality of their products had exceeded my expectations of the
"e-cig", with both flavor and nicotine satisfaction. I found them easy to use, and non-smoker friendly. I enjoyed 2 or 3 from a number of their flavors and was ultimately satisfied. However, only 1 of the 2 batteries worked correctly(difficult draw, low battery life, and all but one of the cartridges leaked), and there is a problem with the cartridges themselves( I found that out of 4 packs of 5 "cartamizers", a total of 20 cartamizers , there were 7 that did not produce vapor and they themselves are not guaranteed under warranty). I also, according to my tastes, found that their flavors weren't all very good. There's exceptions like the cherry, tropical, and vanilla. Another drawback, is the 1 year warranty. While great initially, due to poor manufacturing, I found that these batteries last 6 months to a year, so prepare to invest after year 1 in another e-cig starter, battery, or other brands. (Posted on 7/6/2014)

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