Gun Chamber 3pc Metal Grinder

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The Gun Chamber 3 Piece Metal Grinder has diamond-shaped teeth perfect for hand-mulling your tobacco or legal herbs.  The grinder has the look of the cylinder of a 6 shooter and even has the look of bullets in the chamber.    The brass casings are permanently attached to the lid of the highly polished grinder however, the projectiles in the bottom are removable and have a high-polish brass look as well.   The middle part has a fine mesh screen to filter out the fine dust and pollen while leaving your perfectly fluffy ground product in the grinding chamber.  This lets you be sure to have a once-and-done operation when grinding your product.    


The 2-inch 3-piece Gun Chamber Metal Grinder is a tool used for grinding and breaking down dry herbs, spices, and other materials into smaller, more manageable pieces. It typically consists of three main pieces: a top grinding chamber, a middle section with teeth for grinding the material, and a bottom section where the fine dust material is collected.  The "gun chamber" designation refers to the shape of the grinder, which resembles the cylinder of a gun. The grinder is made of metal, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The 2-inch measurement refers to the diameter of the grinder, which is the size of the grinding chamber.  Overall, a 2-inch 3 piece gun chamber metal grinder is a useful tool for anyone who wants to break down herbs or spices for smoking or cooking purposes.

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Material Metal, Plastic
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