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When it comes to hand rolling, sometimes the old standards are where it's at.  Bamboo hand-rolling mats work just like today's more traditional hand rollers.   You put your paper down, you put your leaf in you pick it up, and roll it between your fingers until you get the roll your looking for.  No aprons to wear down on the edges of a hard plastic holder.  No pins to break.  Just a pure natural product made from bamboo and cotton string.  This product is 4.75in long and will work with almost any size rolling paper. 

  • Buy 24 for $0.84 each and save 15%

When people think of bamboo rolling mats, most people probably think of sushi.   Bamboo rolling mats have another use that is returning to favor as people look to find more natural ways to enjoy their rolling.   They work just like more common hand rollers but without the extra burden of a holder and it's just as easy to use. 

  • Open your bamboo mat
  • Place your favorite paper on it
  • Put your favorite tobacco or legal herb on the paper
  • Fold the mat over
  • Roll the mat back and forth between your fingers
  • Continue rolling until you get a tight roll and the unglued end it folded under
  • Moisten the glued end and roll forward to seal the cigarette.
  • Enjoy.

When you get these OCB Bamboo Hand Rolling Mats you'll just love the natural feel of the bamboo and cotton these are made from.  We are sure you'll want to get more than one so you can try your hand at sushi too.

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Brand OCB
Manufacturer OCB USA LLC
Size 110mm
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