Pulsar 4 Inch Anodized Aluminum Dugout - Peace N' Shrooms

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These Anodized Aluminum Dugouts by Pulsar are just the thing if you're looking for an easy-to-use on-the-go smoking solution.   This 4-inch tall Dugout features a black anodized aluminum finish and holds a 3" long aluminum one-hitter bat painted to look like a normal cigarette.  The chamber for the bat is spring-loaded for easy removal.  You simply take your bat, and push it into your favorite herb or tobacco in the handy storage chamber on your dugout, twisting slightly.  Then pull it out and light it.  This dugout features a peace sign with red and purple mushrooms growing out of the top.

  • 4" Anodized Aluminum Dugout
  • Springloaded Bat Chamber
  • Hinged Swivel Lid
  • 3" Aluminum Bat One-hitter
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Brand Pulsar
Manufacturer Pulsar
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