Djarum Black Natural Leaf Cigars - Classic Silver

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The mellow flavor and Natural look of these Djarum Black Natural Leaf Cigarillos - Classic Silver has that wonderful clove and spice flavor that Djarum is famous for.  Each Unit is a pack of 6 cigarillos.  Buy a full box of 10 packs and save!

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Djarum Black Natural Leaf Cigarillos brings you the Classic blends you know and love with the wonderfully sweet flavor of clove and spices added to great Indonesian tobacco.  The Djarum name comes from the Indonesian word for gramophone needle, fitting for a product called a kretek, named after the sound the product makes when smoked.  Today Djarum is enjoyed on five continents and is one of the top 10 cigar brands in America. 

More Information
Brand Djarum
Manufacturer Kretek International
Flavor Classic Silver
Cigar Shape Cigarillo
Cigar Wrapper Sumatra
Cigar Binder Indonesian
Cigar Filler Indonesian
Cigar Strength Mild Body
Cigar Flavored Yes
Items Per Pack 6
Packs Per Unit 1
Items Per Unit 6
Package Style Pack
Unit Style Pack
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