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Pipe Tobacco in Bags

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When it comes to pipe tobacco in bags, we carry an outstandingly huge selection of choices for our clients. As is our normal approach, all of these carefully selected products get our stamp of approval. Plus, purchasing your pipe tobacco in bags is less expensive and can be easily resealed to retain the freshness and moistness that you want.

While our list of bagged pipe tobacco is long, let us highlight a few for you. Our best selling brand is The Good Stuff pipe tobacco and comes in one pound and 6-ounce bags. OHM Pipe Tobacco is an American blend of tobacco and comes in many varieties. Our Criss Cross pipe tobacco comes in both 6-ounce and one pound bags and remains a favorite among our pipe smoking crowd. We carry the delicious original blend, the smooth blend, and the mint blend. All three of these flavors burn smoothly while producing rich flavors for the cleanest smoke around.

We also carry our own Smoker’s Outlet Online brand at incredibly tempting prices. In addition to our natural flavor, we also offer mint, mild, robust, and silver blends. You can pick up any of these full-flavored blends in either a one pound or 6-ounce bag. We recommend that you buy a few flavors in the 6-ounce packaging so that you can decide which offers the best taste.

In addition to Direct Buy, Smokin' G, Gambler, Smokin' Joes, Privateer, Dean's, Farmer's Gold, Kentucky Select, and Hot Rod pipe tobaccos, we are constantly on the lookout for other high-quality brands of pipe tobacco for our dedicated customers.

Keep in mind that every brand of pipe tobacco in bags that we carry is highly recommended for your pleasure and consumption. So, we invite you to look through our amazing selection as we are sure that you will find just the right blends that will leave you as satisfied as we are!


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