Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1 lb (16oz) - Blue

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With its more subtle approach to the traditional tobacco flavor, Golden Harvest Blue is perfect for the traditionalist who enjoys a slightly smoother smoking experience. Leave the harsh aromas, smoke, and quick-burning tobacco in the past. It’s time for a slow, smoother burn with a pleasant, never pungent, smoking aroma. The notes are earthy yet pleasant. The natural aromatic roominess is calming yet satisfying. 
The Golden Harvest Blue Flavored Pipe Tobacco is a world-renowned, medium-bodied pipe tobacco offering a consistent, pleasure-packed smoking experience without a harsh or unpleasant aftertaste. Golden Harvest Blue Pipe Tobacco offers an incredible smoking experience for the inexperienced smoker or the long-standing pipe enthusiast alike. Because it is nonaromatic, it provides you with the chance to get used to traditional pipe tobacco blends without hating the process. Golden Harvest Blue uses leaves that burn steadily and evenly, with no additives or preservatives. You will look forward to every moment spent puffing on Golden Harvest Blue Pipe Tobacco. Each bag is sealed and packaged with incredible care with you, the pipe smoker, in mind. Preventing as much shake and stems as possible with a resealable bag, you will be able to enjoy more, longer lasting, and fully flavored smoking moments with Golden Harvest Blue Tobacco. 
More Information
Brand Golden Harvest
Manufacturer Rouseco
Package Style Bag
Blend Mild
Weight 16 oz (1 lb)
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