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Raw Supernatural 12 inch Hand Roller

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Raw Supernatural 12 inch Rolling machine is the perfect hand roller for your 12 inch rolling papers. Made using high strength aluminum and double thick vinyl with high tensile strength.
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Yes, it is finally here - the 12 inch roller for Raw Supernatural papers! It took a long time to make this roller because engineering such a long base and rollers while maintaining a minimal amount of flex was not easy. We had to reinforce the apron and all the components to make it work - and the good news is that it works really well!

Made on the Island of Kudus, Indonesia in the oldest existing rolling machine factory on earth.  This factory was established around 100 years ago to make hand rolling machines for the local clove cigarette factories and still produces hand rolling machines for the local market to this day.

A Raw innovation




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Manufacturer HBI International
Brand Raw
Size 12 inch


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