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Shishapresso FAQs

Does the shisha capsule leave a metal after-taste?

No, we guarantee you enjoying the same smooth taste.

Does the aluminum burn the tobacco?

No, aluminum absorbs only the required amount of heat and therefore reflecting away any heat excess. This ensures that the tobacco temperature is contained at a constant level, which is why our capsule lasts longer and tastes better.

Do I need to keep the shisha capsules refrigerated?

No, there is no need for that, just keep it away from direct sun light and store it in a dry place.

Do you have nicotine free shisha capsules?

No, nicotine free capsules are unavailable.

Why and for how long should I shake the shisha capsule?

Shake 2 to 3 times. This ensures that the tobacco is loose enough to make the draw smoother for an enjoyable experience.

Where is Shishapresso® made?

Our state of the art factory is located in the UAE

How many charcoal pieces do you recommend putting on the shisha capsule?

We recommend you use the same amount of charcoal you usually use when having a regular shisha.

Is your shisha capsule vacuum packed?

No, vacuum packing will cause most of the flavor to be taken out of the tobacco. However our capsules are well preserved using double sealing which ensures the utmost freshness of our product.

What are the ingredients of the Shishapresso® capsules?

The ingredients are: Tobacco, Honey, Glycerin, Flavors.

What is the Tobacco used in your shisha capsules?

We source only the finest European grade Virginia leaves. Even our blenders only use the finest natural ingredients to perfectly complement the hand selected natural Virginia tobacco leaves. The result is a well-balanced experience that seamlessly combines the richness of sweet Virginia notes with the natural flavors of your choice.

Do you have different shisha capsule portion sizes?

Shishapresso® has a unified shisha capsule size designed and crafted to deliver a great shisha experience

How can I conserve the shisha capsule for a long lasting use?

As with most consumable products, please store the capsule in a cold and dry place.

How do I use the shisha capsule?

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