How to choose a tobacco alternative

Tobacco Alternative

How to choose the right tobacco alternative for you

Do you prefer getting your nicotine without lighting up?  If so, we have some good news for you :)

There are lots of choices when it comes to tobacco alternatives - pouches, chews (gum), lozenges, herbal snuff, and toothpicks.  It's really a matter of personal choice.  Fortunately, we offer a number of different types of products and they vary greatly in how much nicotine they contain.  You can even get a tobacco-free pouch with caffeine!

Pouch 0mg Zyn
Lozenge 1.7mg on!
Gum 3mg FRĒ
Toothpick 4mg Velo
Herbal Snuff 6mg Solace
  8mg TeaZa
    Smokey Mountain
    Pixotine Toothpicks
    Smart Toothpicks

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