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Tobacco Pipes and Supplies

As a pipe smoker, you belong to a small-but-proud fraternity of people who enjoy both the taste and ritual that comes with tobacco smoking pipes. Before actually using tobacco pipes, there is a certain leisurely pleasure in preparing for your smoking session. Of course, cleaning out the stem with a pipe cleaner ensures that you will get a nice full and clean flavor. The next stage typically involves pulling out your tobacco pouch and dipping your pipe bowl into it, where you select just the right amount for this particular session. Before finally lighting up, it makes sense to gently tamp down your pipe tobacco. Now you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Normally, that first pull of smoke is rich and full and deeply satisfying and relaxing, particularly after a meal. Many who enjoy a pipe also enjoy the simple feel of the stem in their mouth even when the pipe is not lit.

Though you may not be accustomed to buying your tobacco pipe supplies or tobacco pipes online, take a minute to review the products we offer. The Dr. Grabow pipe is made in small batches with a fanatical devotion to quality. Its Mediterranean natural briar wood offers a special taste to complement your tobacco. You can choose a curved stem to evoke the smokers of the 19th century, or the straight stem of the academic community.

Two more popular favorites that are perennial bestsellers are our new Meerschaum and Shire pipes. Along with offering classic designs and using quality materials, these pipes add a touch of elegance and style to any desk or fireplace mantel. In addition to our classic calabash Meerschaum pipe, you can really turn heads with our unique claw, skull, or hand designs. Our beautiful 15 inch Shire pipes come with a bowl of one of two shades of rosewood: either black or yellow.

In addition to the ability to buy tobacco pipes online from us, you can also purchase all of the tobacco pipe supplies you may need. Obviously, pipe cleaners are a necessity, but you may want pipe filters so that you can reduce the intake of some of the chemicals in the tobacco. Pipe screens are also helpful if you find that your tobacco sometimes gets sucked up into your pipe stem as you draw on your tobacco smoking pipes. You can find these tobacco supplies in both brass and stainless steel.

You will also notice that we offer a special ashtray for pipe smokers. It is large enough to accommodate a pipe, and the cork in the middle can be removed so that you can dispose of tobacco debris. The rest of the ashtray can be run through a dishwasher. Of course, while ordering you tobacco pipes online, take a little extra time to shop through our fantastic selection of pipe tobacco to complete your collection.