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Anyone who does a lot of hand-rolling knows that most people can't do the old one-handed roll without dropping anything as they do in the movies.  In the real world, we drop bits and need a place to catch all that for easy cleanup or just a place to prep your tobacco or legal herb.  If you're tired of the sterile metal or plastic trays and are looking for something with a more natural look and feel they these Boboo trays by OCB are just what you're looking for.  These trays are 9" by 7" and stand 3/8" tall to give you ample room to prep and roll your products. 


When you hand-roll, the most useful thing you can have is a good rolling tray to prep your tobacco or legal herb and layout your papers to get you rolling.   Most rolling trays are just metal or plastic with maybe some fancy designs on them to distract you from how sterile and lifeless they are.  OCB gives you a much better option, a more natural option.   This wooden tray is made from fine bamboo for a clean look that will be sure to please.  The 9" by 7" size makes it easy to use and hold all your rolling needs.    

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Brand OCB
Manufacturer OCB USA LLC
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