Recommended Internet Browsers

Research has shown which browsers work best with our type of website.  Below you will see their is a big difference in how fast a website can load with various types of internet browsers.

Browser Page Load Time (sec) Comments
Apple Safari 2.9 The best browser for Apple users
Firefox 3.1 The fastest browser for Windows users
Samsung Internet 4.2 A good browser for Android users
Microsoft Edge 4.5 A good browser from Microsoft that replaces Internet Explorer.
Google Chrome 5.2 Slower on Windows, good on Android devices.



7.5 The worst.  Outdated and slow. Please use something else.

As you can see, Safari is the fastest Internet browser.  If you are an Apple user, use Safari.

If you are a Windows user, consider using Firefox because it is currently the fastest way to browse the Internet on Windows. Apple no longer offers Safari updates for Windows. According to the Apple website, "Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the last version made for Windows, and it is now outdated."

If you are using Google Chrome, we suggest you try Firefox.  You don't have to remove Chrome, just add Firefox and see which one you prefer.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, please install Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  Firefox is faster (for now) but Microsoft is continuing to improve Edge all the time.


If you are having trouble logging on try clearing your browser's "cookies". Please be aware that clearing your browser's cookies will also delete any stored passwords and your browsing history. If you are using Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox just press Ctrl+Shift+Del at the same time. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer click on this link for instructions on how to clear your browser's cookies.

To determine what version of the internet browser you are using click here.