You are very important to us and we will try our best to ship your order on the next business day.

If you chose to have your package shipped via USPS, click here.

If you chose to have your package shipped via UPS, click here.

To sign up for or to learn more about UPS MY CHOICE, click here.

Detailed information on our shipping can be found on our Shipping Information page.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and money orders. We do not accept personal checks. All personal checks will be destroyed and the sender will be contacted. You may purchase a Visa/MasterCard Gift card that can be used just like a credit card at our store. Please register your zip code with the gift card company to pass the address verification system.

We get new shipments of product throughout the week. We inspect and throw out product based on manufacturing guidelines. In addition, our products are stored in an environment where the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled.

No, we do not require a minimum order.

Our tobacco is shipped to us directly from the manufacturer. We also sell large quantities to our customers all across the United States. This allows us to receive our tobacco at a better price. All these factors save you money.

Any questions you may have can be handled by calling us at (888) 802- 2354 (M-F 8am-7pm EST) or you may e-mail us and your concern will be addressed within one business day.

Store credits are funds made available to you by Smoker's Outlet Online for use on our website for future orders and are in place of actual monetary reimbursement.

These funds are issued in certain situations where you have agreed to receive a store credit, such as:

  • Product lost or missing from your shipment
  • Change made to an order
  • Cancelled order
  • Over-payment

You may use your store credit by checking the “USE STORE CREDIT” checkbox during the checkout process. This is located in a dropdown below the payment information section. This store credit will then be applied to your balance due for your order, prior to charging your card for the remaining cost of your order. You may also use your store credit when placing your order by phone. Please mention to the Customer Service Representative that you would like to use your store credit.

The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act of 2009 ("PACT Act") (S.1147) took effect June 30, 2010. This legislation made ALL cigarettes, RYO, MYO and smokeless tobacco products nonmailable. This law means you will no longer be able to purchase these products by mail-order, telephone order, or the Internet, because the United States Postal Service, along with UPS, Fed-Ex and all other carriers will be prohibited by law from delivering your orders to you. Effective at 11:59pm EST June 27th, all cigarette tobacco, smokeless tobacco and chewing tobacco was taken offline. We will continue to ship pipe tobacco, cigars and all other smoking accessories including all machines and tubes, as they are exempt from the legislation.

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