Golden Harvest tubes 200 ct. Blue 100 mm

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Create the smoking experience you’ve been wanting with the Golden Harvest 100 mm Blue tubes. These tubes reflect excellent craftsmanship along with a brilliant and enjoyable smoking experience. Fill your tube with your preferred tobacco and make your smoking experience as unique and satisfying as you’ve always dreamed of. You deserve a tube that’s manufactured in the USA and delivers the quality and enjoyment you expect from an American made product. 
One of the biggest complaints we hear from our favorite smokers (people like you) is that their tubes are always having to be fiddled with. Complaints about folded, bent, or un-straightened paper is common. If you’re spending more time fixing your tubes and less time filling them with your favorite tobacco, then maybe it’s time you switch over to a tube that’s worth your time and investment. You deserve to be treated right, and bent, messed up, or crooked tubes is not what you should have to worry about. When you open a box of Golden Blue Harvest Tubes you will know you’re opening the very best. Grab a box today (or 5, you should probably grab 5). 
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SKU RO10-L-100
Brand Golden Harvest
Manufacturer Rouseco
Style Blue
Size 100mm
Filter Tip White Tip
Filter Length 25mm
Items Per Pack 200
Packs Per Unit 1
Items Per Unit 200
Package Style Box
Unit Style Box
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