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Houseplant by OCB Brown Rice Rolling Papers - 1 1/4

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Houseplant holds a profound appreciation for anything that enriches the joy of indulging in our beloved plant, yet finding products that seamlessly marry functionality with beauty is a rare discovery. We're referring to those exceptional items that effortlessly enhance a bookshelf, add a touch of flair to a coffee table, or simply elevate any space they grace.

Recently, OCB partnered with Seth Rogen and his esteemed brand, Houseplant®, to unveil Houseplant® by OCB®. This collaboration promises to redefine the smoking experience, offering a selection of sustainably produced, meticulously crafted rolling papers and cones in bamboo, brown rice, and classic variations.

Take, for instance, our rolling paper made from ethically sourced and responsibly harvested rice cultivated in France's Camargue river delta. Created with water from the French Alps, these unbleached and ultra-thin papers, gummed with acacia, deliver a premium rolling and slow-burning experience, setting a new standard for quality and sustainability.

  Each unit is one pack of 50 papers,  Buy a box of 24 packs and SAVE!

  • Buy 24 for $2.36 each and save 10%

Houseplant holds a deep appreciation for anything that enhances the enjoyment of their beloved plant, yet discovering products that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics is a rare gem. We're referring to those remarkable pieces that can serve as focal points on a bookshelf, add allure to a coffee table, or simply elevate any space they occupy.

In an exhilarating collaboration, OCB has partnered with Seth Rogen and his esteemed brand, Houseplant®, to introduce Houseplant® by OCB®. This partnership marks a significant milestone in smoking experiences, offering a range of sustainably sourced rolling papers and cones meticulously crafted from bamboo, brown rice, and classic materials. Get ready to enhance your smoking rituals with a blend of style and sustainability.

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Brand Houseplant by OCB
Manufacturer Republic Brands
Width 1 1/4
Length 78mm
Items Per Pack 50
Packs Per Unit 1
Items Per Unit 50
Package Style Pack
Unit Style Pack
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