Humi-smart 2-way Humidity Control

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Take control of your product's humidity level with these easy-to-use packets that will ensure that your favorite products are at just the right humidity. This technology will either release or absorb moisture to ensure that your product achieves the desired humidity in a contained environment.

Available in 4G, 8G, 30G and 60G sizes (G = Gram)


Humi-smart 2-way Humidity Control

Relative Humidity Recommended
55% Pipe Tobacco
69% Cigars and Tobacco
72% Cigars and Tobacco

Note: Not all sizes may be available in all RH %

Size Recommended Usage
4G 3-5 cigars or 0.5 oz
8G 7-10 cigars or 1 oz
30G 20-25 cigars or 8 oz
60G 45-50 cigars or 1 lb


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We are sure that you have never seen a humidification product quite like Humismart. This system is so simple, all you do is open the foil or plastic overwrap and put the contents into your container. That's it. No water required, no soaking, you don't even open the paper packet the product is housed in. The packet contains an indicator card that changes color when you need to change the RH (relative humidity) packet.

Humi-smart How to use

As if that wasn't enough, this product is made from all organic minerals and plant-based fibers that are non-toxic. The 2-way humidification system ensures that your product stays at the chosen RH. That's right, one product to ensure your product isn't too wet or too dry.

There are many different sizes to suit all of your needs.  4G (gram) is good for up to 5 cigars or 1/2oz of tobacco or legal herb.  8G is good for up to 10 cigars or 1oz of tobacco or legal herb.  Both are ideal for jars, bags, travel humidors, or other small containers.  The 30G size is perfect for up to 25 cigars or up to 1/2lb of tobacco or legal herb.  The 60G size is good for up to 50 cigars or 1lb of tobacco or legal herb.   Both of these are more suited to larger containers.  Humi-smart works best if your container is of an appropriate size for your product, so keep that in mind. 


When it comes to which RH you should use, this all depends on a variety of factors, not just what product it is.  Factors such as the type of container, your local conditions (humid or dry), and your personal preference all matter.   The Recommended RH for Pipe Tobacco is 55%RH but tobacco can be kept anywhere between 55%RH and 72%RH.  Cigars are usually recommended for storage around 70%RH so the 69%RH or the 72%RH is the preferred choice.  

Forget the fuss over other products that need maintenance to work properly.  Buy a Humi-smart today and see just how much better your tobacco can be.

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