OCB Bamboo Hand Roller - Slim - 110mm

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Bamboo has long been used to craft a variety of tools, from buildings to weapons to kitchenware. OCB takes al of their almost 200 years of experience to design a hand roller that has no comparison. The finely crafted base is made of bamboo wood and makes a sturdy hand roller that is light enough to carry with you everywhere you go. Once you see this hand roller, we are sure that this roller will never see it shoved into a drawer. The craftsmanship is just that good that you'll want to keep it out on your desk so everyone can see that you "Roll with Nature."
Since the invention of the hand roller, not much has changed to the design. The Bamboo Hand Roller by OCB is a stellar example of how you can innovate while still keeping true to the classic style of the original design. OCB takes the strong sturdy bamboo and makes a base for their hand roller that matches the workmanship of the finest woodworking and places it firmly into your hands. Designed for use with OCB's Slim rolling papers, this hand roller will work with any king-size 110mm papers.
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Brand OCB
Manufacturer OCB USA LLC
Size 110mm
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