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If you're looking to hand-roll yourself a cigarette, then you will be sure to want to pick up an OCB Metal Tray. What if I don't think I need a tray? Perhaps you're the type of person with the skill to roll a cigarette with one hand. Perhaps you like having to clear off your desk or kitchen table to start rolling. If however, you like being unencumbered by furniture and free to take your smoke and roll just anywhere you please, then you will be sure to want an OCB Metal Tray. The high sides and curved edges ensure that your product stays right in the tray. OCB has polished this metal finish to ensure that your tobacco moves freely on the tray with no grainy finish or sharp edges to catch and trap your tobacco. Pick up an OCB Metal Tray today and start rolling wherever your mood takes you.

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OCB Metal Trays are just the perfect accessory for those that love hand-made cigarettes. The polished metal surface ensures you have an easy time cleaning up and the high sides ensure the tobacco stays on the tray until you're ready to remove it. The curved edges make sure you never have to dig into a corner to get that last little bit of product. You may be asking yourself, Why should I use a rolling tray? Sure, your desk or kitchen counter may be convenient, and if you're exceptionally skilled you might even be able to roll your cigarette with one hand. For the rest of us, however, how nice is it to have your favorite rolling spot come to you right where you are? Out on the porch, on the couch in the living room, or in any other room of the house you may find a few quiet moments to roll. Rolling is an art that can't be bound by where you're at. These trays match that skill and artistry with some of the most creative designs you've ever seen.

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