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Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine

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Hand crank table-top machine, for king size and 100 mm tubes. The Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine has recently been redesigned with the latest make-your-own technology and is viewed by experts as the best cigarette making machine. This is a great buy with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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For both King and 100 mm tubes. The new metal Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine has recently been redesigned with the latest make-your-own technology and is viewed by experts as one of the best cigarette making machines ever made. New features include a rubber anti-scuff pad for better table grip and an adjustment to make 100 mm cigarettes. Own a Premier Supermatic cigarette machine and you've got the best machine available. This is a great buy with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty serviced exclusively by Arbro Inc. Comes with warranty card and instructions. Please fill out warranty card and mail in upon receiving machine.

Machines cannot be sent back to Smoker's Outlet Inc. for refund or credit.

For further information on warranty service, please contact the manufacturer ITG Brands at 1-866-328-2485.

More Info

Manufacturer Commonwealth Brands
Brand Premier
Size No
Material Metal
Power Source Manual
Warranty 1 year


Works every time, so farReview by Michael
I'm new at this so here goes. I purchased this machine and have used it for several cartons worth. I enjoy the ease of operation and how fast I can roll a pack or two. The only time it wouldn't work was because of operator error. Over filling or using dry or powdery tobacco causes issues then it has to be emptied. I'm happy overall with the product. The only thing that could make it better would be a hopper of some sort to keep the mess I make to a minimum. (Posted on 5/13/2018)
Bet Bar None!Review by James
This has been my machine, making 1 to 2 packs per day, every day, for the past FIFTEEN years and counting.

That's a lot of smokes.

I have had only one problem with this machine in the entire time I've had it and that was when the mainspring broke. And then, I was able to cobble the broken spring together until the replacement arrived from Premiere. This machine has NEVER been out of service.

I suppose I could upgrade to the electric model, but since it only takes me about five minutes to make a pack of smokes, I really don't see the reason to.
Do like another reviewer posted, use some common sense and don't try to force it to work. If you feel resistance, pull some tobacco out and try again.
Other that that, just make sure the moving parts are lubed and maybe clean it once in awhile. Do that and it will last you for years. (Posted on 10/8/2017)
better machines out thereReview by mike
Had this machine a while back was not impressed. (Posted on 6/24/2017)
good machineReview by Lauren
I had this machine for 2 years...good quality. Will be buying another one soon. (Posted on 5/17/2015)
Great! for Manual Crank... Review by Teufelhunden
I love the thing.. it is just a manual crank and I hate manual crank, now… maybe I am lazy, donno, though for a Manual Crank… it is Wonderful. (Posted on 4/28/2015)
My Review and Tips.....Review by Wayne
Ive been RYO with this machine for about 6 years now. I originally bought it and destroyed my first one in about a year because I didn't have a clue about what I was doing. So I bought a new one and actually watched some vids and got some tips and through my own trial and error will pass them on to you guys now. Hopefully, it helps everyone!! Its not a bad machine, but they did use some plastic in some key parts that was either done to make money or a "engineer" constructed this and didn't have a clue. Like they say, you can draw a asshole on paper but you cant shit through it. :)
When using this thing, two huge tips that will get you more longevity: moist tobacco packed in like dry tobacco will bind it up and break parts quick. Try to mix it with a smaller dry stash you set aside to even out your mix. Tip 2: the smaller silt, dust, finer pieces at the bottom of the tobacco bag can be put in tubes but you cant put more than a big pinch in the injector and make sure you spread it evenly or this will bind it and destroy it also. No matter what, when you go to pull that handle and it feels like your pushing too hard just stop and back off and either pull a little out and fix or empty and totally refill!! I dont use the machine like normal...instead of positioning the machine horizontal, like you see in the ad here on smokers outlet, i position it vertical and brace my left hand at the base by the brass screw caps on top and pull with my right hand. I feel its just a better way for me and more comfortable.
AS far as the parts go, i pretty much broke everything there is to break. My spring that stretches with the handle that springs it back has broken 4 times now, but that was kinda a blessing in disguise because i just pulled out another coil on it each time and now it makes the handle feel like it flows better. The brass screw caps on top both stripped out so i drilled the holes slightly bigger and put some heavy machine screws and nuts through and loc-tited (red) them. Caution on this though if you plan on doing this: if you dont do it right and are off at all, the lineup for the whole mechanism when put together will be off and the machine will not work correctly. It has to be equally rounded out and not too much to any side. I also found that putting a washer under the one screw closest to the handle, under its plastic bearing, took up the slack between the handle and the block that pushes the tobacco into the slider. That thing used to slip all the time with the smallest amount of force against it from the tobacco.Its probably done to keep people from breaking it, like a safety, but once your expierenced enough with it, and you rebuild it like i have, its really not necessary.Ive ripped the ball off the handle too, screw/brass threading in the part that connects the handle to the long injector wore out and pulled out eventually and the rubber thing that holds the tube when you pull has worn through on both sides. I made metal parts to fix most everything so nothing breaks now!!! lol. Hopefully some of these user tips will help you guys out there and dont be discouraged by this machine. Its pretty solidly built and if you use it right it really will last quite awhile. I make at least 2 packs a day, and at one point my brother broke his machine a couple times and we were making 3 or so packs a day for a bit while i fixed his rig for him. Not to mention i have nieces and nephews and in laws that come over and use it and dont know what there doing and put even more stress on it. So this second machine has taken quite a beating from me, which its probably not designed for that much wear.
As far as my rating goes, a 5 would mean, at least to me, that its a perfect product in that category and well.....nothings perfect is it?!?!? So I feel I gave it the stars it deserves. Good luck and happy smoking guys and gals!!!!! \m/ (Posted on 12/31/2014)
good first machineReview by barbara
I bought this as my first machine 4 years ago when I was protesting the fsc additive. I used it off and on for the next few years. Recently, I pulled it out again and have been reguarly using it again.
It does take getting used to as in how much tobacco, putting my thumb on the tube where it attaches to the machine and the movement of the handle in order to make a good cig. My biggest mistake at first was overpacking or too much tobacco. With this machine, less works better and actually makes for a better smoke. It takes me about 10-15 minutes to roll a pack of 20. Not bad. I'm thinking about trying an electric one but will definitely keep this one because if you use it right, it works fine. (Posted on 10/16/2014)
A good machineReview by Jim
I see that some find this device less than perfect and are not happy with their purchase. I have had this machine for almost a year now and found with proper care and cleaning, it does as advertized. I agree that it could be more robust in its construction, but it would cost more and some may not desire to pay a higher cost. If you purchase this machine, read and follow the instructions and it will give you good service with no problems. (Posted on 10/9/2014)
Good for a starterReview by catherine
I used this for several months. It does take a while to get used to it. You will learn how much tobacco to use. It does jam now and then , but its easy to fix. I now am using the Powermatic" 2. It is definitely a step up. Its easier on my arm and I can roll much faster with the electric one. If I have a power outage I will use this as a back-up. (Posted on 10/8/2014)
junkReview by celeste
i have rolled my own cig;s for about 7 years I bought this mach paid extra for 2 day shipping I made 32 cig;s with it and it locked up now I have to pay to return it plus a 12.00 mo for return shipping what a rip off I am mad as a wet hen

*Note that the above referenced fees are not from Smokers Outlet Online and may be required by the manufacturer for warranty service.
- Smokers Outlet Online Customer Service (Posted on 8/15/2014)
Poor Quality PartsReview by Deb

I have been rolling my own for about 3 years now and just wanted to say.....Do Not Buy this one product the "Premier Supermatic". Spend about $20.00 more and get a Powermatic 2 Plus Electric Injector Machine and you will be so much happier.. I have now gone through 2 Premier injectors because the plastic parts wear out, and I am just a normal smoker and even though you can replace the parts it cost more for shipping and handling and its not worth it after that, its like the shipping cost more then the part it's self. And NO I did not pack to much either. A manual machine with proper cleaning as I do from the inside out should last a person at least 2 years or more. I love the idea of making my own because YES I noticed my lungs got irritated from the rings from the fire retardant they started putting in the already made cigs., it like smoking carpet glue i found out from my research. This one machine is NOT made with quality parts and like I said the parts that touch just like a joint in your arm or knee, the friction wears the parts out fast. I just get tired that the machine stops working properly at the most inopportune time when I just can't go out and buy another one right away at the almost $50.00 it cost for these when you can spend maybe $15.00 to $20.00 more and get a electric one. The thing about any of the manual machines and the electric ones is the tobacco has to be just right. If its to moist it clogs up and the machine won't work properly and if its to dry it again won't work right and acts like you packed it to tight when you didn't. I do not recommend this machine. at all. It's all good making a review in your first year but then just wait if it last that long. If your a heavy smoker your really screwed. (Posted on 4/28/2014)
Overpriced, unreliable kludgeReview by CK
This product is nowhere near as rugged as it appears. The outer shell is heavy and durable, but the internal mechanism is a surprisingly flimsy, overcomplicated, amateurish design which does not distribute force evenly on all of the parts throughout the travel range of the crank. The internal mechanism is constructed of soft metal punch-outs which bend and jam easily. A smooth, easy load that is evenly packed will be highly dependent on the cut and moisture content of your tobacco. In many cases, the amount of force that it takes to fill a tube can be enough to damage the flimsy metal parts inside, while a pocket-sized plastic injector remains perfectly capable of doing the same job. These components should have been made of something stronger, like stainless steel. There is a very small tolerance for error: you either get a loosely-packed cigarette, or the machine is going to jam. Even when a jam does not occur, continued stress causes the soft metal parts to deform over time. People tend to rate this product highly too soon, and don't realize that the crank is gradually getting harder to turn because the flimsy metal parts inside are becoming distorted. The people who reported good results only got those results because they always use a brand of tobacco which happens to work well with the machine, but a $5 handheld injector lasted much longer for me than the Supermatic. If you like to sample a wide variety of tobaccos, you will find some that cannot be injected without using force that would damage the cheap, flimsy mechanism.

The fit & finish on this unit is equally disappointing. For example, the slide cover for the tobacco chamber jammed when it got caught up on a metal tab at the end of its guide channel that was bent the wrong way during manufacture. But the greatest design flaw is the plastic armature which connects the spoon to the lever mechanism: when you turn the crank, a lever inside causes this plastic arm to flex and bind under a relatively small amount of resistance. When this occurs you are also bending the soft metal parts connected to it. But that is not the only point of failure: a screw fastens the plastic spoon arm to the lever mechanism. With every load, this screw cuts deeper into the plastic, eventually deforming it to the extent that it will no longer slide through the channel smoothly. A more reliable design would pair a gear mechanism with a solid metal injector, instead of using a lever to bend a plastic injector in a way that it does not want to go. This product appears to be designed to make money by selling replacement parts that are guaranteed to break. It looks like the manufacturer has attempted to dodge warranty & defect claims by setting up a "separate" company (Arbro) as the "sole authorized supplier" of parts & service. They also dispose of defective machines through another front company called "SmokerDeals." They say that "misuse voids all warranties," but do not tell you that loading tubes with tobacco constitutes "misuse." I don't know what "experts" they are referring to in the description here when they called this monstrosity the "best cigarette making machine," but nobody with a degree in engineering would make such an outrageous claim about a Rube Goldberg contraption like this which is so poorly designed & constructed that the manufacturer has to hide behind various front companies which disavow responsibility for the product's numerous defects. (Posted on 4/28/2014)
not goodReview by Daniel
Machine does not work right out of the box! It rips the tubes at the holder.After I tried to adjust it I got it to work most of the time on 100's and king.It still rips some. I wish I'd have bought another topomatic its worked perfectly for 3 months. (Posted on 7/28/2013)
First Time UserReview by Mark
I have only had this for a few weeks, buying it in the bundle deal. This is a great tool and easy to use once you get a feel for how to work with it. I am able to roll up a pack of smokes in a half hour.

The biggest problem for a new user will be getting an ideal pinch of tobacco in the hopper. Follow the easy to use instructions, fill the corners, and make sure you have an even amount of tobacco distributed with a light touch to slightly pack the hopper. There is a bit of tobacco hanging out the end which I use a scissors to snip off and a couple of tamps on the butt packs the tube. If I bummed a smoke from someone and they handed me one of these, I couldn't tell the difference between one made from this machine or store bought.

I took one star off for the quality because the length adjustment was out of alignment when I received the unit. The adjustment cam pin was jammed outside of the three position holes. It was easy enough for me to fix. Not sure if it somehow was jostled in transit.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a simple solution to MYO. (Posted on 7/29/2012)
Great Roller!Review by Debra
I’ve had the same on for over 4 years now. Never had a problem except for the bolts coming loose and the spring breaking a few times. Found other springs laying around the garage that worked just fine for it. I have worn it out and am ordering a new one today.

(Posted on 7/8/2012)
For you first timersReview by Jeff
I've been doing this less than a year, and the Supermatic is my first and only machine; that said, I think I can offer a few words of advice.

First, this is a well built machine, almost all metal excepting the blades, which are plastic but so far seem quite durable. My only complaints are on delivery the brass nuts on top were not tightly secured, and a spring that failed after approx six months. Given the cost differential between ryo and buying retail, it was cheaper to pay the $1.75 for the spring, plus $9 bucks shipping than to bother with the warranty-- the machine still worked, it just wasn't as smooth.

Second, whatever machine you get, before rolling your first smoke, take a minute to glance at the innards and observe how they look and work. You WILL inevitably jam the machine and knowing how it's supposed to look will save you time figuring out how to unjam it.

To amplify, only experience will teach you how much is too much force, and how to load the hopper for each tobacco cut and it's moistness. Also, have a care to apply only a lateral force when cranking. Even with metal innards, over time jamming and downward force on the crank will subtlely distort the parts.

Bottom line for this product is due to my abuse the machine is prematurely aged, and unless I opt for an electric, I will probably buy another Supermatic.

Hope this helps

(Posted on 6/29/2012)

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