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Zig Zag Injector-100 mm

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Makes 100 mm cigarettes, injector is blue, also available in king size (red)
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Available in both king size and 100 mm. This patented, Zig-Zag® cigarette making machine, fits in your pocket, and is precision-made by a reputable company. Each come with an extra nozzle.

More Info

Manufacturer North Atlantic Operating Company
Brand Zig Zag
SKU NA14-100
Size 100mm
Injector Capacity Single


Does what I need and does me well.Review by Jonathan
Let's face it making your cigarettes always takes more time then buying them.This injector does exactly what I need it to do.If you want faster alternatives then go look somewhere else.I can make one cigarette in about 30 seconds and I make it perfect Everytime. Its not necessarily the injector though.You have to practice with these. Knowing how much Tobacco in it and how to push it in the injector slot.I bought one other injector than this and the other one ripped my tubes all the time but this one doesn't. However you need a good grip to hold it while injecting multiple cigarettes because it doesn't have rubber on the bottom. Most of your problems are going to be user errors. Make sure your tubes never get wet (including humidity control) before making your cigarettes. ITS NOT THE MACHINES FAULT THAT YOUR TUBES RIP. Your tubes rip from too much Tobacco or the paper being weakened or you didn't prepare your Tobacco in the injector correctly. That being said 2 dollar boxes of filters will always rip. (I know because this happened to me). I only buy filters that are about 4.88 a box. This injector has a wide face so you don't have to worry about the pesky pieces of Tobacco that won't let you slide the tube on. DON'T LOSE THE INJECTOR PRESSING CLIP. The only reason I say that is well it will make your life a thousand times harder.What I do is I keep my injector and my clip inside my bag of Tobacco when I'm not using them. I recommend this as a starter kit for getting your rolling started. If you can however spend more money on the machines. But for me I just don't mind. I don't have any electricity and this is my life saver. (Posted on 6/27/2018)

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