4 Aces Pipe Tobacco 6 oz

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With attention to detail, 4 Aces has stepped up to the table with a strong hand. These blends don’t fold to the competition. Instead, they belly up to the felt and bring their “A” game. If you’re coming in with just a pocket pair, get ready to watch and learn from the master! With subtle notes that tickle the senses, to a surprisingly bold move like getting rivered on the last card, 4 Aces is the perfect match to your pipe smoking hobby. Don’t get caught holding high cards that don’t amount to anything. Go home with all the chips and revel in your victory by smoking 4 Aces Pipe Tobacco.

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4 Aces Pipe Tobacco stacks its decks of premium pipe tobacco and deals them out from Republic Tobacco. The table is gathered near Glenview, IL, and this signature pipe tobacco is as midwestern as you can get. It’s had more games of Hold ‘Em then the WSOP. The flavor is smooth and consistent like a pair of pocket Aces. With its unique flavor, tones and an even and fine cut, 4 Aces Pipe Tobacco is as satisfying as knowing your opponents’ tell the whole game. All 4 Aces pipe tobaccos come in resealable plastic bags ideal for long term storing and maintaining freshness. Don’t get caught with a 2/7 off-suit hand from other Tobacco providers. Go into the game knowing you’re holding 4 Aces and there’s nothing anyone else can do to stop you!

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Brand 4 Aces
Manufacturer Republic Brands
Package Style Bag
Weight 6 oz
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