4 Aces Pipe Tobacco 6 oz - Regular

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4 Aces Regular Flavor Pipe Tobacco blend is a bit harsh and kicks like a surprise card on the turn that you didn’t see coming. It’s a good thing that you’re rolling with 4 Aces though. This strong kick is just what you’re looking for to give you the match of your life. 4 Aces Pipe Tobacco Regular features traditional flavors like a classic game of 5 card stud. You’ll love the quality and expert blending that outshines the competition. Manufactured by one of the oldest names in the tobacco industry, this iconic brand is ideal for any level of pipe smoker ready for more action on their side of the table.


4 Aces Regular Pipe Tobacco is very smooth and aromatic. Feel like you’re sitting in a dark corner of a private game held in an underground basement with only the high rollers with every puff. The aroma will last for a while like the stories of your greatest bets from the felt oval. If you’re the kind of tobacco smoking enthusiast who wants to feel like they’ve won it all, then 4 Aces Regular Pipe Tobacco is for you. If you long for the feeling of being in a dimly lit room where the stakes are high and it smells of rich, robust flavor with earthy mahogany tones, then 4 Aces Pipe Tobacco Regular blend is your ultimate choice. When all the chips are down and the cards are up, don’t get caught with a weaker hand and lesser product. You want to know you’re playing with 4 Aces. 

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Brand 4 Aces
Manufacturer Republic Brands
Package Style Bag
Blend Regular
Weight 6 oz
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