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Backwoods Cigars - 5 Pack - Gashouse ZaZa

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Presenting The Gashouse Zaza, a unique creation resulting from the collaboration between Backwoods and the esteemed Gashouse company. These cigars boast the classic hand-rolled appearance synonymous with Backwoods, enhanced by a tempting vanilla flavor profile.

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Introducing The Gashouse Zaza by Backwoods, a special collaboration between Backwoods and the renowned company Gashouse. These cigars embody the signature hand-rolled aesthetic of Backwoods, coupled with a delightful vanilla flavor. Backwoods prioritizes quality over aesthetics, crafting cigars that excel in flavor and craftsmanship. Utilizing aged broadleaf wrappers for their inherent sweetness and rich, maduro hue, each cigar is meticulously enveloped in select tobacco leaves chosen for their mild aroma and smooth taste. While they may lack the polished appearance of traditional cigars due to the absence of a paper wrapper, their true essence shines through in every puff. With The Gashouse Zaza, it's the cigar that truly counts, offering an authentic smoking experience that satisfies aficionados' discerning palates.

More Information
Brand Backwoods
Manufacturer ITG Brands
Flavor Gashouse Zaza
Cigar Shape Cheroot
Cigar Flavored No
Items Per Pack 5
Packs Per Unit 1
Items Per Unit 5
Package Style Pack
Unit Style Pack
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