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Pipe Tobacco Cigars

Black and Mild Pipe Tobacco CigarsWhen it comes to selecting cigars there are many choices.  Some prefer the strong flavor of traditional cigars and some people prefer the taste of pipe tobacco over the tobacco generally used in cigars.  Personally, I think pipe tobacco cigars are much milder.  I also prefer smaller cigars (cigarillos) because I don't always have time for a large cigar.

At Smoker's Outlet Online we offer a good variety of Pipe Tobacco Cigars.  Our most popular brand is Black & Mild.  Other popular choices are Middleton's Cherry Blend, Prince Albert, and Swisher Sweets BLK Pipe Tobacco Cigars.

These cigars also come in a variety of quantities (25, 30, 50, or 60ct) and flavors such as cherry, vanilla, cherry vanilla, wine, apple, and cream.  Some have plastic tips and some have wood tips.

Whatever your preference, we have a large selection of affordable cigars.


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