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Bugler Rolling Papers

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You’re the kind of person who likes to know they’ve created something with their own hands. There’s something about the feeling of perfectly soft, yet strong and rigid paper between your fingers. The dense and properly humidified tobacco leaves, the comforting and smooth taste of rightly made rolling paper give you the sense that this is how smoking was meant to be. Your tobacco deserves the finest of wrappers. Don’t settle for anything less than Bugler Rolling Papers.  Each pack is 115 papers. Buy a box of 24 and Save!
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Do you long for the days when things were made by hand the right way? Do you smile whenever you sit down on a Saturday afternoon and watch an old John Wayne movie? You know the kind where you see the Duke himself roll one of his classic cigarettes, take a long stoic stare into the soul of his enemy, and whisper something inspiringly brave to the leading lady in his iconic, deep commanding voice. If that’s you, then there’s something about you that calls for a better and higher quality cigarette rolling paper. That’s why you should use Bugler Rolling Papers. Made from thin yet durable paper, Bugler Rolling papers are how smoking is meant to be enjoyed. These are classic in modern times. Designed for the creative, strong, and particular smoker, these papers will escort you back to a time when things were simpler. More straightforward. More like they should be. Enjoy Bugler Rolling Papers with your next cigarette and take life back to what it should be.  Each pack is 115 papers. Buy a box of 24 and Save!
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Brand Bugler
Manufacturer Bugler
Width Single Wide
Length 70mm
Variety Wood
Items Per Pack 115
Packs Per Unit 1
Items Per Unit 115
Package Style Pack
Unit Style Pack
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