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EZ Cig Rechargeable Kit - Menthol

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EZ Cig Rechargable Kit: Contains 1 Battery - White or Black(depending on availablility), 1 USB charger and one cartomizer

Can be used with Ez Cig Blue Label Cartomizers or EZ Cig Puretec Universal Prefilled E-liquid Tanks

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EZ Cig Rechargeable Intro Kit - Tobacco

This pre-packed kit contains everything you need to start using your rechargeable electronic cigarette.

  • One Battery - White or Black(depending on availablility)
  • One USB charger
  • One Cartomizer 2.1% - Menthol Flavor

More Info

Manufacturer No
Brand EZ Cig
Flavor Tobacco
Color No
Battery Type No
Strength 21mg (2.1%)


Conpared to disposables and other brands this is the Best ValueReview by Madeline
It's not a perfect replacement for regular smokes, it takes some getting used to, but gives you a good nicotine buzz and smoking sensation. The battery will run out if you use it all day long, takes a few hours to fully recharge. For some reason the Menthol tastes more like Peppermint but it also has a smoother more consistent vapor draw and flavor than the vanilla and black cherry flavors I also ordered. Not sure why this is but I think the cartomizer quality needs improving. Overall I like and will continue using the device when and where regular cigs are inconvenient. (Posted on 12/17/2013)
EditReview by Elias
Not only did the company give me a free replacement, but sample flavor cartridges and a menthol disposable. I have regained my hope in the company and definitely intend to buy from them again. The flavors are great, the battery life is a little short though. (Posted on 11/19/2013)
Horrible rip-offReview by Elias
I bought one of these and their variety pack of cartomizers. Out of the box it doesn't work. I look into it, I need to charge it for 8 hours first apparently. I do this once, and after 8 hours it still produces no vapor, the light on the battery doesn't activate, nothing. I do this a second time, still the same thing. I try charging it in different USB ports. I try lifting the center pin on the battery. Absolutely nothing, no vapor, no activation, not a single thing. Don't buy this, it's a horrible rip-off never buying from EZ-Cig again. Now once again I'm back to smoking analog... (Posted on 10/26/2013)

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