Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1 lb (16oz) - Green

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Golden Harvest Green Pipe Tobacco offers unique flavor techniques and limits chemicals to ensure you get the best possible blend and taste. With no additives or preservatives, Golden Harvest gives you a true tobacco smoking experience. Enjoy the menthol, fresh flavor with the richness of high-quality tobacco leaves. 
Are you looking to enjoy a refreshing smoke? Do you want a clean menthol flavor and freshness of the best tobacco leaves available? Enjoy a full-bodied experience of tobacco combined with a smooth, clean, and refreshing menthol taste. Don’t compromise your quality of tobacco just because you are looking for a menthol and refreshing aftertaste while you smoke. If the quality of tobacco and a pure approach to manufacturing is important to you, Golden Harvest Green Pipe Tobacco is the way to go. Grab a bag or two for yourself so you can enjoy this rich menthol flavor whenever you want to. Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco never uses preservatives or additives in the processing of their products. This is how you know it’s the truest available smoke on the market. Treat yourself to everything you want and nothing you don’t with Golden Harvest Green Flavored Pipe Tobacco. 
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Brand Golden Harvest
Manufacturer Rouseco
Package Style Bag
Blend Mint
Weight 16 oz (1 lb)
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