Golden Harvest tubes 200 ct. Red 100 mm

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Are you constantly having to straighten or “fix” your tubes before or after filling them with your favorite tobacco? Now, you no longer have to worry because Golden Harvest Red 100 mm Tubes use a heavier paper with a stronger grain providing you with the finest quality tube and the richest smoking experience. A true (go ahead and measure it for yourself) 25 mm tip in every tube allows you to filter out all the unwanted carbon but never sacrifice on flavor. 
Another quality product from Golden Harvest. With a real 25 mm tip that gives you maximum pleasure without any of the worries, you’re sure to enjoy every puff of your favorite tobacco inside Golden Harvest Red 100 mm Tubes. No more straightening out your tubes. No more slight mods. No more fixing a bent or folded flap. Because Golden Harvest uses a thicker and heavier paper for creating their tubes, you can now move on to the important part of your hobby, smoking. Spend less time messing with your tubes and more time enjoying the smoking process the way it was meant to be.
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SKU RO10-FF-100
Brand Golden Harvest
Manufacturer Rouseco
Style Red
Size 100mm
Filter Tip Brown Tip
Filter Length 25mm
Items Per Pack 200
Packs Per Unit 1
Items Per Unit 200
Package Style Box
Unit Style Box
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