Tin Star Pipe Tobacco 0.7 oz - Gold


Tin Star Pipe Tobacco 0.7 oz - Gold has a smooth flavor and mellow taste in every pouch that will have you coming back for more. Every puff you take is an experience that you will want to experience twice. That's why this 0.7oz unit is 2 0.35oz pouches. That way once you finish one, your already set with a second pouch.

Each 0.7oz unit is two 0.35oz pouches.


This 0.7oz package of pipe tobacco gives you two 0.35oz pouches of the best premium tobacco. The smooth taste and mellow flavor of this expertly blended pipe tobacco will have you coming back again and again. Buy with confidence knowing that every puff you take will have all the taste and flavor you expect, from the first puff to the last.

Each unit is 0.7oz of pipe tobacco in two 0.35oz pouches

More Information
Brand Tin Star
Manufacturer Republic Tobacco
Package Style Bag
Blend Gold
Weight 0.7 oz
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