True Utility - Titanium Locking Pocket Multi-Tool

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The True Utility Titanium Locking Pocket Multi-Tool is a compact, lightweight, and versatile EDC tool, crafted from durable titanium for enhanced longevity and corrosion resistance. It features a secure locking mechanism for safety and includes essential tools such as a knife blade, screwdrivers, bottle and can openers, scissors, pliers, wire cutters and an awl. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, making it ideal for outdoor activities, everyday tasks, and emergencies. With its portability, durability, and multifunctionality, this multi-tool is a reliable companion for various needs.

The True Utility Titanium Locking Pocket Multi-Tool is designed to be a compact and versatile tool for everyday carry (EDC). Here’s a breakdown of its features, benefits, and common uses:


  • Spring-Assisted Butterfly Opening
  • 90 ̊ and 180 ̊ Bit Driver Lockout System
  • ¼-Inch Bit Compatibility
  • Magnetic Bit Retention & Storage
  • Quick-release Paddle Locks

9-in-1 Full-Size Multi-tool

  1. Needlenose Pliers
  2. Standard Pliers
  3. Wire Cutters
  4. Sheepsfoot Knife Blade
  5. Crosscut Saw
  6. Bit Driver (Phillips Screwdriver Bit)
  7. Bit Driver (Flathead / Slotted Bit)
  8. Bottle Opener
  9. Awl
  • 4.13" (L) X 1.42" (W) X 0.79" (H)
  • 103/160mm (H) X 36mm (W) X 20mm (D)
  • 0.37 lbs. / 168 grams