El Rey is Spanish for The King, and that's not just referring to the size of these tubes. These king size tubes are the king of quality and value. The Red, Blue, and Menthol varieties of these tubes will have you feeling like royalty every day.
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El Rey Cigarette Tubes

In today’s world, finding a suitable method of relaxation and the time to relax can be challenging. With El Rey Cigarette Tubes, you can easily feel like royalty on a daily basis, enjoying each smoke break due to these cigarette filter tubes’ king-like quality.

Smoker’s Outlet Online is known for our El Rey Cigarette Tubes, which have a sturdy filter as well as smooth papers. These qualities make them an excellent alternative to more expensive tube brands, including Zig Zag tubes. These tubes are designed to meet your specific needs when it comes to producing your favorite cigarettes every time. With these products, you can avoid the harsh chemicals as well as the fillers present in pre-manufactured cigarettes, and you will enjoy a smooth cigarette-smoking experience.

We offer El Rey Red King, Blue King, and Menthol King tubes, all of which have brown filter tips, are 84 millimeters long, and have 15-millimter filters. They are heralded for filling well and burning nicely in addition to having a delicate flavor and a lighter draw.

Customers have also praised El Rey Cigarette Tubes for not adding an undesirable aftertaste to their smokes. You can enjoy the flavor of your chosen tobacco through the tubes’ paper, and the consistency of this product will keep you coming back for more year after year. We are dedicated to making sure that you get the exact El Ray tubes you want in a timely fashion every time. Through Smoker’s Outlet Online, you can experience exactly why these tubes have earned the right to be called “el rey”—or, “the king” of the modern day cigarette tube.