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  1. Dutch Masters Foil Pouch Cigars - Palma
    $2.94 $2.55
  2. Dutch Masters Cigars 4 pack - Connecticut Palma
    $5.99 $5.04
  3. Phillies Cigars 55 Ct. Box - Original
  4. Backwoods Cigars

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  5. Wooden Cigar Holder with filter
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Cigars to Please the Most Demanding Aficionado

As you might imagine, at Smoker’s Outlet Online we stock an excellent selection of cigars for sale online. In performing our careful search of the finest cigars at the best prices, we are pleased with our results, and are equally certain that you will be just as delighted with our supply of cigars for sale online.

For instance, we carry three types of Dutch Masters cigars for your choosing. You can go with our excellent 55 count box of either Parma Vanilla, Corona Deluxe, Chocolate Parma, Strawberry Corona, or Corona Grape. Any of these particular flavors deliver a full and fragrant taste that is both long lasting and super satisfying. Another Dutch Master option is to purchase our very affordable and popular 25 count upright boxes, which come in three flavors: Corona Vanilla, Palma, and Corona Grape. Finally, our Dutch Masters foil pouches, which are re-sealable to keep your cigars ready for a fresh and soothingly rich smoke, come in 3 more unique flavors: Palma, Green Palma, and Wine.

And that is simply the beginning of our great selection of cigars for sale online. We also carry two varieties of the ever popular Garcia y Vega Game Cigars, as well as very affordable single packs of our Entourage Cigars, which come in 7 luxurious and tasty flavors and can be purchased individually or even in 25 count boxes.

Our Bluntville Cigars can also be purchased either as singles or in 25 count boxes. These cigars are offered in 9 excellent flavors and are each double wrapped in a natural leaf wrapper, which makes for a clean and fresh smoke with a rich deep taste.

We also offer Backwoods Cigars, Juicy Bluntarillos, Phillies Krome Cigars, and Phillies Blunt Cigars which are offered in a 55 count box at a great value price. So if you are looking for quality cigars for sale online at outstanding prices, you are at the right place!

Intended for sale to adults of legal age as determined by local laws. If you are not legally able to purchase our products where you live for any reason including age as determined by your location, please do not enter this site.

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