Powermatic II Plus Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

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Have you ever wished to be the king of rolling/making your own cigarettes? Is it hard for you to entrust someone else to craft and perfect the process of packing your cigarette tubes just the way you like it? Then you should consider the purchase of your first Powermatic electric cigarette injector. This is the machine that will take making your own / rolling your own cigarettes to the next level.

Place your tobacco into the machine and watch as it forces them so perfectly into the body of your tubes that you’d be sure it was a factory-made cigarette instead of something you rolled or made yourself. Worried you might put too much tobacco into the machine? Don’t, because, now, you can easily remove it without making an undesirable mess. With the Powermatic II injector machine, you can easily fill varying sized tubes from the shorter king to the lengthier 100 mm tubes. Thanks to the Powermatic II machine, you will get consistent filling every time. As you engage the machine, each cigarette tube will be filled precisely to the brim with your favorite tobacco. If you’re all about saving money, then don’t look past this product! Order yours today!

The product includes accessories to clean your machine and comes with a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty covering defects in material and workmanship. Here’s how you operate the machine - You place a tube on the tip on the left, then you put a pile of tobacco in the chamber on the top, raise the lever on the right, put some tobacco in the slot on the top with your fingers or the wedge that come with it, push the lever on the right until the spoon injector pops out and fills the tube. That’s it, another perfect cigarette and more tobacco is still in the chamber for you to repeat the process. Please fill out the warranty card and mail in upon receiving your machine.


Machines cannot be sent back to Smoker's Outlet Online for refund or credit.

Actual product design may vary from picture shown, current model does not have a jam reset button as this is now automatically done.



For Warranty service, all machines must be sent to:

Powermatic Service Center
921 Mariner Street
Brea, CA 92821
1-(714) 529-5060
[email protected]
More Information
Brand Powermatic
Manufacturer Zico USA
Material Plastic - Metal Parts
Power Source Electric
Warranty 1 year
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